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For several years now, home automation and smart mirrors have gained more and more traction in homes around the world. Thanks to technology, even mirrors are being transformed into truly connected objects. In years to come, smart mirrors may well become a device that we won’t be able to go without. While originally designed for your bathroom, it can also find pride of place in bedrooms or living-rooms. Learn more about smart home lighting.

So what is this tech-filled gadget that allows us to interact in an entirely new way with our own image?

What is a smart mirror?

A smart mirror, also known as intelligent mirror, is a connected device that can be used in your home automation project. The smart mirror lets you listen to music, see the weather forecast, read the news and most importantly, see your reflection. Some smart mirrors also provide voice control.

However, it is much more than just a standard mirror intended to reflect your image back at you. Among other things, it allows you to listen to music at will, to check the weather forecast, to read the day’s headlines, and even to watch your makeup tutorials on the Internet. Some models have voice capabilities.

A connected virtual mirror is an all-in-one device that combines the functionalities of a TV, an alarm clock, or a music player. All you need to do is link your devices. Here are different functionalities, options and configuration components you can find with this technology:

  • Voice Control;
  • Mirror Lights;
  • Mirror Anti Fog;
  • Display Screen With Touch Overlay Displays;
  • Custom OuterFrame and Custom sizes;
  • Cool Module List With Additional Module;
  • Advanced Camera Technology;
  • Gesture Control and Potential Additional Control;
  • Bluetooth 4.0;
  • Advanced Tracking Technology;
  • And many more components.

For what usages are smart mirrors designed for?

Virtual mirrors can be installed in the bathroom, but can also be useful in any other room. With a connected device of this type in your home, you can forget your smartphone for a while, because the mirror can accomplish all these tasks:

  • Contact friends on the Internet and surf on social media;
  • Reply to your latest emails;
  • Find out about the weather forecast;
  • Listen to your favourite music, or watch a video from your last vacation.

A Smart Mirror for a Makeup Session

The device uses artificial intelligence to bring you virtual advice and tips on how to apply your makeup.

As it comes equipped with smart lighting and exclusive apps, the mirror lets you test different types of makeup. There’s simply nothing like virtual facial care!

A Smart Mirror for a Fitness Session

Thanks to the intelligent mirror, you can get a full workout at home. “Home training” is the latest trend in the world of connected sports, bringing you real-time advice from a virtual personal trainer.

With the help of videos, you can follow a fitness routine in real-time, or take a yoga or boxing class.

A Smart Mirror for Cooking

No need to open a cooking book to prepare delicious recipes. With a connected mirror installed in your kitchen, you can have instant access to the recipe you need. An added bonus is that intelligent mirrors designed for the kitchen are splash-proof.

A Smart Mirror for Your Bathroom

With an intelligent mirror in your bathroom, you can shave while perusing your emails, and even numerous other possibilities such as checking the traffic before you leave the house.

This type of mirror has been specially designed to withstand bathroom humidity.

Potential Applications

While this technology has already started to be implemented in homes, the available applications are just the tip of the iceberg. There is room for potential applications and softwares like, for example, medical technologies. Discover how home automation can help you save on energy conservation.

Smart Mirrors Currently Available

A number of brands offer smart mirrors. At Câble&Son, we sell the following brands:

smart-mirror-ad-notam Discover the Interactive Smart Home Mirror

ad notam is a company based near Lyon. They offer the Smart Mirror, a connected mirror made for your bathroom. It is well and truly a multimedia platform that provides apps geared towards your comfort. What’s the forecast for today? What itinerary should I take to avoid traffic jams? Intelligent Mirror brings you the answer to all these queries, and more. It uses a Wi-Fi connection and is Bluetooth enabled.

smart-mirror-seura Discover the Interactive Smart Home Mirror

Séura is an American company that designs intelligent mirrors for bathrooms as well as other rooms in the house. Their products integrate plenty of innovations and give you access to very practical applications. What’s more, they diffuse light evenly over the face, and have touch-screen controls. Absolute precision at your fingertips! You can also say good-bye to condensation on the mirror after the shower, because it comes with a super-convenient demisting function.

Get in Touch with Home Automation Professionals

If you wish to install an intelligent mirror in your bathroom or bedroom, call upon home automation systems professionals. With Câble&Son, since 2002, you have the assurance of working with a team of experts, the best in the business, in connected systems.

Don’t hesitate to contact them if you want more information on the company, or about home automation.

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