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Smart Homes: Step into the future

Luxurious status symbols, smart homes are slowly becoming the norm in modern apartments.

What’s a Smart Home?

Smart homes feature technologies that make a house “smart” or “connected”. Systems and sub-systems (heating, doors, lighting, ec.) are all centrally controlled, and the home’s residents can customize settings according to their preferences and needs.

One in six Canadians is living in a smart home, and all signs indicate that the demand for smart homes is rapidly growing (link in french). More than one-third of Canadians surveyed on line expressed an interest in owning a connected house.

By choosing Câble&Son as your smart home partner, your dreams for the future can become a reality. Our track record is built in part on the professionalism and expertise we provide our clients on a daily basis.

Still hesitant to take the leap? Discover the advantages of having a smart home

Unlimited is the word that best describes the benefits you can reap from integrating “smart” options into your home. The advantages are just as numerous, and we’re confident that each person in your home will be won over.


Comfort is often the first obvious thing that comes to mind when speaking about smart homes. Imagine not having to get up anymore to turn off the lights or stepping out of your car to open the door, or being able to control the temperature in your house without being home. For your comfort, a smart home is the ideal solution. For people with limited mobility, a connected home addresses several day-to-day challenges.


A smart home is synonymous with home protection. Whether it’s for residential surveillance or remote door and window lock management, the incredible array of connected objects that can be attached to your home’s central system will make you feel safer than you’ve ever felt. You can, for example, configure an alarm to contact a loved one in the case of a fall.


Let’s admit it: a smart home is quite a big deal. Your guests will be a little more than impressed by how easily you can control the functions in your home. Play magician for an evening by lighting up your chimney or by changing the ambience with the help of your voice or telephone.

We work directly with individuals as well as designers and promoters

Whether you’re an individual or part of a group of professionals, you’ll benefit from advice and support customized to your needs.


You’re connected, a bit of a geek and you love the tech paradigm in which we’re evolving. You probably think that connected and smart homes should be the rule, not the exception.

For Real Estate Professionals

Not surprisingly, designers, real estate promoters and architects are particularly interested in our services. We share the same objective: offer residents the possibility to live in modern, aesthetic environments that are customized to their needs.

How do the experts at Câble & Son win you over?

From assessing your needs to programming equipment and installation, the Câble&Son team is there to accompany you every step of the way.

All the products we install are carefully selected so that they effectively respond to particular needs. A true door to a universe where technology and design reign, automation allows us the privilege and pleasure of leaving our artistic footprint on any space you entrust us with.

Contact us so that we can start evaluating your needs for your new smart home.

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