A smart voice device is a good home automation idea

5 Home Automation Devices Ideas

Connected devices can revolutionize your daily life, so we selected some of the best home automation ideas for you! From smart speakers to lighting that works in harmony with the sound of your TV, smart devices constantly communicate with each other to save you time and money. These advanced automations can also manage your home heating and security system. Now let’s discover 5 popular home automation ideas for a connected house!

Home automation ideas: connected heating

To save money and enjoy an eco-friendlier home, the best automation idea is to install a connected heating system. Many models can be managed remotely or be connected to your home automation hub. Before leaving for work and from an application on your cell phone, you can therefore control the different radiators and turn them on and off. Weather report features allow your smart wifi device to forecast hot weather and automatically adjust home temperature, even for a couple of hours.

However, less sophisticated devices offer a smart thermostat programmed according to your schedule. These settings help you save a great deal of energy by not heating your rooms unnecessarily.

Lighting that responds to your finger and your eye

Smart homes are also equipped with smart light switches, LED lighting and motion sensors that help consume less energy with both your indoor lights and outdoor lights such as porch lights, garage lights… Stronger than incandescent light bulbs, smart switches and LED bulbs have an app-based control centre and can be connected to a smart home hub. Here, you can manage the intensity of the smart light delivered, the colour, or the activation of your LED smart bulb.

There are time integration features that allow you to program active times and light trigger depending on weather, luminosity, sunset times and more, so you benefit from a more natural lighting during your day… In just a few seconds, you can therefore enjoy smart lighting!

Speakers that let you live at the rhythm of the music

To add some life to your rooms, there is another home automation idea for your house. Since 2014, small speakers have found their place in our homes. The Google Assistant or Alexa connected to your Control4 or Crestron system can provide you with music even in your bathroom! Connected to a Spotify or Deezer account, these speakers can be used by voice control and also be linked to each other to let you enjoy music throughout your home!

What home automation ideas can make my home more secure?

The security sector has also taken an interest in home automation systems. It is now possible to secure your house with home automation by installing several tools:

  • smart locks
  • connected surveillance security cameras
  • motion detectors such as window sensors

Smart locks protect you on a daily basis. You’ve surely been in a situation where, once you get to work, you can’t remember whether you locked your front door.

Thanks to smart locks, you can check this detail simply by consulting the dedicated app. If you forgot, you can remotely manage the locking of your garage or front door.

Connected surveillance cameras

You can also install an alarm system and a wireless surveillance camera. These devices are connected to WiFi network and are equipped with motion presence sensors that even trigger at night. It is therefore possible to check the images of your home remotely, on your telephone, PC, or any other connected device.

Smart cameras also offer continuous recording. In the event of a violation, you have sufficient evidence to find the perpetrator thanks to presence detection. You therefore transform your home into a real fortress.

Smart detection systems

You can also take advantage of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are capable of detecting even the slightest carbon monoxide emissions. The smart home device then sends push notification alerts to your phone to warn you.

A connected watering system for your outdoor space

Your yard isn’t spared from connected objects. One of the most common home automation ideas for the outside of your house is installing a smart watering system. Equipped with water sensors and smart humidity sensors the smart watering system collects the various data present in its environment and control power.

It therefore offers you watering tailored to the weather—an essential system that takes care of your yard while helping you save water, even when you are away for a couple of days.

Take advantage of our home automation ideas and advices

There are many home automation ideas for your house. By automating the systems that are useful to you on a daily basis, you save precious time. Devices such as Google Nest or Raspberry Pi take care of the control of your home for you. You also save a great deal of energy and simplify your life!

A team of experts to guide you

Cable&Son has been based in Montreal since 2002, and they are experts in home automation and smart devices. If you want to be supported in your smart home project or your choice of home automation devices, do not hesitate to call on our technicians.

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