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Temperature and Automation: an economical and practical combo

Put an end to energy waste. The temperature in your home, store or office can be auto-regulated, and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Forget energy waste or rooms that are too cold or warm, and let Câble&Son guide you in the unbelievable, comfort and practical world of home automation and smart temperature automation.

Our temperature control service is made for both individuals and businesses looking to facilitate their daily living while saving on energy.

Smart Temperature Control for Residences

When you leave your home to go to work, are you thinking about turning off the heating or air conditioning? If you’re like us, the answer is probably: not all the time. It’s understandable. After a long day at the office, who wants to come home to a house that’s freezing or too hot and humid? The easiest thing is to just keep everything running.

In an ideal world, a temperature control would auto-adjust the heat and cold according to the time of day. In an ideal world, we could control the home thermostat even when we’re not there. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to think about a thing—we could simply relax.

This ideal world is possible, thanks to our temperature controllers. All commands are centralized and accessible with your smart phone, tablet or computer, whether you’re at home or in another country.

  • Intelligent control of electric baseboards, heaters and radiant heaters
  • Effective temperature management of your heated floors

Have any questions? Take the time to read below. Câble&Son answers clients’ most frequently asked questions.

How much does a complete automation system cost?

Considering the energy savings following installation, the cost of a temperature controller needs to be viewed as an investment. The size of your house and the number of elements you wish to incorporate all affect the final price tag. Your best option is to contact us so we can assess your needs. Often, our clients opt for a mix of systems that make the total price more appealing. Visit our page on smart houses to learn more.

How long before I will have to change the system?

The only reason you would have to install a new smart temperature controller is if it’s been damaged by a disaster. The truth is, the life of the automation systems installed by Câble&Son is particularly long. Our clients enjoy their systems for many years without making the slightest change. Even in cases where a piece is defective, it’s very easy to replace.

Is it hard to use?

It’s as easy to use as saying hello! One of the key strengths of our systems if that they require no effort. If you know how to use a smart phone, you won’t have any trouble using your smart home temperature system.

For the Commercial and Professional Sectors

This is for the professionals and managers looking to enhance the experience of their customers, but also for employees. Smart temperature control is a huge help. You no longer have to remember to manually turn on your heating or air conditioning system each morning, or control it throughout the day, or switch everything off at night. Instead, you can create routines that, depending on the time of day and the number of people present, independently manage the temperatures of the rooms.

  • For owners of bars or clubs, the temperature will automatically adjust itself according to the space and number of clients present.
  • Forinstitution leaders, depending on the time of day or intensity of the sun, the temperature will independently adjust itself to your preferences.
  • In offices and companies, employees will no longer waste time continuously adjusting the temperature.

Câble&Son: You won’t regret trusting us

An efficient allocation of energy resources: this sums up our mission when we install a smart temperature control system. We’ve been improving day-to-day lives for more than 15 years, and the well-being we provide our clients is the best reward. Are you interested in a smart temperature control system? What are you waiting for?

Our experts are at your service, both for your requirements of intelligent temperature, as for all your needs that touch to the residential automation and commercial automation.

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