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Smart home clients: a general profile

Smart telephone, smart TVs, smart cars—there’s no end to our “smart” era, and this trend is changing your home, your business and even our institutions. That’s where we come in at Câble&Son: we boast years of experience in adding the “smart” dimension to all your environments.

Our Residential Automation Clients

Discerning and refined, our smart home clients are looking beyond connected devices all over the house. They appreciate the simplicity of automation, where equipment is all interconnected and settings are centralized. Beyond answering the technological needs of its clients, Câble&Son goes a step further, incorporating aesthetics into all their smart equipment installations, with special attention. One of our standard practices, for instance, is to conceal the connected speakers in our sound systems so that they blend in with the rest of a client’s decor and wall colour.

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Our Commercial Automation Clients

From restaurant owners to grocers to hotels to fitness centers and all other businesses, our commercial automation clients all want simplify their work while enhancing their customer and employee experience. Whether it’s working on your smart sound system, smart lighting, or improving the security of your establishment, we’d be delighted to offer a solution customized to your needs. By setting yourself apart from the competition with such modern comforts, it’s never been easier to get your customers talking and generating that oh-so-important word of mouth.

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Our Industrial Automation Clients

Robotics and automation are no strangers to the industrial sector. What we offer is the ability to centralize control of the different services we install, thus providing our industrial clients with added comfort and practicality. This includes energy management, optimizing lighting and heating, improving alarm systems and workers’ general comfort. We don’t just simplify tasks but rather coordinate all the elements so that the system can manage them more intelligently.

Our Institutional Automation Clients

The modern evolution of governmental organizations and learning institutions is not only critical for the comfort of employees and citizens, but for the overall image of these establishments. Our clients are institution leaders that are looking to industrial automation for a solution. We offer them a smart security system, efficient control of a building’s energy management, and state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment installation.

Not sure which client profile fits you best?

Every case is unique, so want to share more about yours? We’d love to hear from you, so contact us by phone at 450-443-5575, or send us a message through our contact form. One of the professionals at Câble&Son will get back to you quickly with answers to all your questions.

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