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Smart Blinds - Residential and Commercial

Whatever type of smart blind you’re looking for (fabric roller shades, cellular shades, venetians, curtains, drapes…) we offer a practical solution that will completely transform and enhance your life. Thanks to Câble&Son, you can automatically control your smart blinds according to your preferences. Let your blinds and curtains adapt themselves according to elements such as the position of the sun, time of day or temperature.

Are you an individual or a business looking for a solution to easily control your smart blinds? You’re on the right page to learn more about smart houses and commercial automation products!

Residential Smart Blinds

In building or purchasing a home, cottage or condo, you’ve probably taken the time to count the number of windows that need covering. You’re also likely aware of the positive impact (link in french) that natural sunlight can have on your health and life. If your home has many windows or if some of these windows aren’t easily accessible, or if you or another person living in the home has limited autonomy, our smart blind solution makes perfect sense.

You can forget having to walk from window to window to close each blind. Everything can be automated and remotely controlled. For instance, you can automatically synchronize the opening of blinds and curtains with sunrise. Câble&Son can provide you a fully automated smart blind control system adapted to your needs.

How much does our smart blind service cost?

Several factors affect the cost of our smart blind installation. We primarily consider the number of windows that need covering, the size of these windows and the type of « fabric » chosen when purchasing your new automated blinds and curtains. f

At Câble&Son, we’re proud to offer you a true turnkey service. We’ll evaluate together the best possible solution and install it! Your only job is to enjoy the result.

How long does the installed equipment last?

Your smart blinds or curtains will last minimum ten years, and, of course, your purchase is also covered under warranty by the manufacturer. The battery will need to be changed approximately every 3 years, assuming regular use.

Is it hard to use?

Everyone is able to control their smart blinds without issue. There are a range of commands, either through a simple controller or a smart device, which, once everything has been well configured, you’ll likely no longer need. If everything in the house is connected, you officially have what we call a “smart home”.

For the Commercial Sector

Smart blinds in professional spaces are a big asset. Because they’re connected to your central system, smart blinds are easy to automate, and, adapted to the professional world, allow employees and clients to reap the benefits of automation.

  • For owners of restaurants, bars or clubs, smart blinds allow you to better (and more easily) manage opening and closing blinds on all the windows.
  • For institution leaders, centralized control allows you to automate their management.
  • For company offices with often inaccessible windows, a customized solution will allow your employees to wok in a pleasant and modern environment.
  • Control of ambient light in common spaces or in conference rooms.

Câble&Son: You won’t regret trusting us

Câble&Son has been improving the day-to-day lives of its entrusting clients for more than 15 years.  We’ve created two showrooms for you to concretely test and live the automation experience. Looking for the perfect smart blinds for your needs? What are you waiting for?

Our automation services :

To learn more about the Câble&Son method: The Method
To get your own smart blinds: Contact Us

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