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Commercial Automation

Owners of commercial establishments will be delighted by the benefits of different commercial automation services, including simplifying space management, improving the comfort of clients and employees and even pocketing energy savings.

What’s Commercian Automation?

Much like residential automation, with commercial automation the different systems and sub-systems of your building (temperature, security system, sound system, etc.) are centralized, and those who control these systems can, from a distance, determine the settings that are right for them.

In choosing Câble&Son as your commercial automation partner, you can be proud to know that your business is boasts state-of-the-art technology. Your employees and clients will revel in the experience of being in your establishment. Part of our success comes from the professionalism and expertise we provide our clients in a daily basis.

Still not sure about taking the big step? Learn about the advantages of commercial automation.

Unlimited is the only fitting word to describe the options from which your clients and employees can benefit. Whether it’s working on your smart sound system, installing smart lighting or tightening the security of your establishment, we would be delighted to offer you a comprehensive solution adapted to your needs.

Better Resource Management

One of the main advantages of our commercial automation system is the ease with which you’ll be able to control the services that we install. We’re talking about, among others, energy management, optimizing lighting and heating, improving your alarm system and the comfort of your employees. This isn’t just about automizing tasks but also coordinating them so that the system can operate more intelligently. This way your lights, for instance, can be turned off without you being present to flip the switch. This is but one example of the many advantages.


Installing a commercial automation system will allow you, among others, to lock your doors from a distance, to install smart cameras and motion detectors, smoke detectors, etc. For your guaranteed safety, we offer a wide range of devices that can be connected to your security system.

How do the experts at Câble&Son make sure you’re satisfied?

At each stage of your project, the passionate team at Câble&Son will assist and guide you to your utmost satisfaction. Before diving into your project, we take the time to assess your needs, and make sure that the integration of any system complements your building’s decor and atmosphere.

Doing 9-5 between four walls? We can help!

Whether it’s for a dental office, a restaurant, a school, a gym, a hotel or your conference room, we’re convinced we can facilitate the management of your professional spaces for the enjoyment of clients and employees, and for your savings.

Contact us now so that together we can get started on evaluating your needs in commercial automation.

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