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How to Make Your Home Smart: 7 Key Steps

Do you dream of going to bed without having to think about closing your motorized blinds, turning off your lights, and activating your alarm? It’s possible thanks to home automation, which allows you to make your home smart by connecting all your compatible electronic devices. Find out how to make your home smart in 7 key steps.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a connected home where the domestic appliances (heating, lighting, sound, plugs, blinds, screens, or security cameras and alarms) can be controlled via an application on a smartphone or tablet or by voice control. A smart house uses technologies and smart devices to make the daily lives of its inhabitants easier while ensuring respect for the environment.

Why turn your house into a smart home?

Make your home smart to secure your house

The first reason to make your home smarter is to allow your house to be more secure. But how do you make your home smart to increase security? Having a secure video doorbell, a peephole, or security cameras connected to a Wi-Fi network helps reduce the risk of burglary and theft and ensures greater peace of mind.

Make your home smart to make your life more comfortable

In addition to making your home more secure, home automation also makes it possible to increase the comfort of your home by connecting all your compatible devices in a wireless network. With smart home devices such as smart light bulbs or connected blinds, your quality of life will increase. In addition, make your life easier by controlling all these technologies from your smartphone apps like Apple Home or Google Assistant for Android devices.

But are you still wondering how to make your home smart? If you’re lost, don’t panic; here are 7 tips to make your home smarter!

7 ways to make your home smart

Adjust the temperature with a smart thermostat

Who among us has never forgotten to turn off the heating when leaving their home, causing an explosion in the electricity bill at the end of the month? No more astronomical bills thanks to home automation!

Indeed, it’s possible to save energy by using smart adjustable thermostats that adapt to your lifestyle and your needs. No more houses that are too cold, too humid, or waste energy! Adjust the smart thermostats in your home remotely, to the temperature that suits you!

Play with the lighting to avoid unpleasant surprises

Finding the right switch to turn off the right light is sometimes a real headache. Fortunately, smart plugs, outlets, and lights exist and help reduce your energy consumption!

In fact, it’s possible to control the different lighting in your home from your phone or remote control thanks to voice command. As a bonus? Choose the intensity of your smart bulb and even its colour. Your lighting system will now be an integral part of the charm and uniqueness of your home, unlike your old ordinary light bulb!

Sleep soundly while avoiding intruders

Having a comfortable, well-equipped home is important. However, to truly feel at ease at home, you must above all feel safe. At some point, though, we have all been afraid of having forgotten to lock the door and coming face to face with an intruder in our home at night.
If it’s too late and you surprise a burglar, don’t intervene alone and call the police immediately. Here are a few recommendations to deal with this situation and avoid being robbed.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, invest in devices such as connected alarms, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and other smart door models that can be programmed according to your lifestyle and controlled from your phone. That way, you will increase your freedom and security! There are also real-time surveillance camera systems with 360-degree views and smart locks for further reassurance.

See life in a new light with motorized blinds

Because a secure home is also a home that doesn’t leave its objects conspicuously visible. Motorized blinds also mean guaranteed respect for the privacy of its inhabitants.

Whether you prefer cellular shades or roller blinds, you can control your motorized blinds from your tablet and even program them to adjust their opening according to the light or the weather. If some windows are inaccessible, such as skylights, the solution of automated blinds makes even more sense, since it offers greater practicality.

Protect yourself from the risks of fire and household accidents

Now that your home is secure, nothing is more important than protecting yourself from household accidents. To prevent the risks of fire or gas leaks triggered by your electrical appliances, it is recommended to install a smoke detector in your living rooms, which will warn you in the event of a problem during your absence with a dedicated mobile application. With a connected home, you can leave with peace of mind!

How to make your home smart: enjoy the comfort of remote-controlled screens

Having your own home theater is often a childhood dream. There’s no need to go out to the cinema, especially in the winter, since being able to enjoy a good movie or series right at home is possible thanks to home automation technology. But more than the promise of a giant screen, there are immersive experiences that make your movie nights even more unforgettable. Smart lighting, high-quality audio screens… the cinema truly comes to your home!

Bring comfort to your home with good sound quality

Who hasn’t dreamed of asking their house to play their favourite music? With your voice assistant and smart speakers, you can ask it to play your favourite music anywhere in your home, delivering powerful audio. Whether you want to share a pleasant moment or dance during a party, a quality audio system connected to a home assistant such as Amazon Echo with Alexa or Google Home can make these moments even more magical! If you have music in your bones, Câble&Son can offer you THE solution!

Call on Câble&Son to connect your home

The house is secure with an easy-to-use setup, the bills are optimized, and now you just have to sit back and enjoy your connected home! To do this, don’t hesitate to call on Câble&Son to find out which connected home solutions suit your needs.

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