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A Smart and Connected House Thanks to Automation

In the most sophisticated smart houses, it’s all about simplifying and enhancing the lives of residents. Depending on your preferences, automation provides you all the personalized comfort you could want. For example, lights can be brighter or dimmer according to the ambience you want to create, favourite tunes can play on command, and can even follow you around the house.

Today, smart houses are increasingly accessible. Are you ready to treat yourself? A good plan and partnering with your preferred home automation expert (see also : Team Câble&Son) is all that it takes.

How does a smart and connected house work?

How often have you had doubts after leaving the house? Is the coffee maker turned off? Is the alarm system on? Is the air conditioner properly configured? Are the kids doing their homework or watching TV?

Sometimes, you just want recurring and annoying tasks to take care of themselves. That lights turn on and off on their own. That window curtains open automatically in the morning and close in the evening. That heating or air conditioning stops when you aren’t home, turns itself back on just before you return, and on top of that, regulates itself according to the outdoor temperature.

In a smart house, all these doubts and tasks are resolved with a simple glance at your smart phone, tablet or computer. Remotely, your can control all your devices connected to the system and do what you want (turn off, turn on, close, open, etc.).

What are these devices ?

In theory, any electrical device in your home can be connected to your automation system. Whether you control your network with your voice, a remote control, your tablet or telephone, your house will answer. Most common applications are sound systems, lighting, security, home theatres and temperature control.

Who is automation good for ?

You might think that a smart home is something far in the future and difficult to manage. While this used to be the case, and automation was exclusive to hardcore geeks, it’s a different story today. Thanks to companies like Câble&Son, automation is very easy to use.

Today, smart houses and automation are more and more common.

Finally, once you decide that it’s time to benefit from real comfort at home, you can contact us so that we can take the leap into the future—together.

The Internet of Things

One of the key reasons in the increase of smart house sis the proliferation of smart phones and tablets. These ultra-portable computers are everywhere, and their constant connection to the Internet make them ideal tools for controlling an array of other devices online, also known as “the Internet of things”.

The Internet of things refers to products that are interconnected and identifiable by digital networks.  The number of objects that are connected is increasing every day. All the electronic equipment in your home likely already has its “connected and smart” equivalent, from your fridge to your oven.

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