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Equip Your Home Theater

Let’s face it: we’ve all dreamed at least once in our lives of having our own home theater. Nothing beats watching a movie with family or friends in the comfort of your home. Thanks to the expertise at Câble&Son, we can advise you on and install your own home theatre and make your dream a reality.

Home Theaters for Individuals

You’ve thought about it long and hard, and after speaking with the rest of your family that’s enthusiastically on board, you’ve decided to transform an under-utilized room in your house into a theater. D-BOX motion effects seats, popcorn machines, customized lighting systems, top-quality screen and sound system are all critical, but we don’t stop there. A home theater installed by Câble&Son isn’t just about a giant screen and an integrated sound system. It’s a living space where you can truly immerse yourself into the alternate reality of a movie or TV show.

Here are some of the most common questions we get:

How much does a home theater system cost?

It’s not cheap, but you probably already know that. Between configuring room layout with the help of a design team to purchasing custom-made equipment and installation, prices can vary extensively. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t deter the hardcore risk takers. You’ve dreamed of this theater, and we’ll take it upon ourselves to make it happen (according to your budget). As a bonus, you’ll experience working with a team of passionate professionals. A true turnkey service, we take care of everything! Seats that move? Consider it done. A 3D television or projector? No problem. A complete sound system? Check out the Dolby-Atmoz 7.2-4 channels! After all, does comfort really have a price tag?

For a larger home automation project, see : smart house

How long can home theaters last?

We provide nothing but quality equipment that will last you the longest time possible. All products have a guarantee of several years and are at the cutting edge of technology. You can enjoy your home theater for several years without changing a thing. For clients who like having the latest and greatest, we make it very easy to change any of the elements of your home theater.

Is it hard to use?

Absolutely not. While installation is complex (and we take care of that), using your home theater couldn’t be easier, no matter your age. Simplicity is one of the key quality features of our systems. We do the hard work so the only thing you have to worry about is finding the time to enjoy your home theater.

Home Theaters for Businesses

Why exclude professionals from the home theater experience? Instead of a home theater in the traditional sense, think customized screens and projectors:

  • We can modernize your conference rooms to make them more useful, through video conferencing system, multi-platform content distribution, etc.
  • Giant-sized screens or projectors can make all the difference in restaurants, bars or clubs.
  • Institution leaders can access tools to train employees or present projects.
  • How about nice televisions in your waiting room for your clients’ enjoyment while also modernizing your business?

Câble&Son: You won’t regret trusting us

Câble&Son has been improving the lives of its clients since 2002 with technology and home automation. Benefit from our limitless passion, and see what it can do for you. We have two showrooms for you to test and live the Câble&Son experience. Want that home theatre? What are you waiting for?

Thinking of more than only buying a home theater? We will be happy to accompany you for your residential automation and commercial automation projects.

To learn more about the Câble&Son method: The Method
To get your own home theatre system: Contact us

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