Home Automation System for Music

Installing a homeautomation system for music is an excellent idea for music lovers and those who enjoymood music throughout the house.

Câble&Son is a company that specializes in the sale and professional installation of systems designed for smart homes. Our home automation music services therefore ensure a flawless installation of smart audio devices that will allow you to listen to your music everywhere in your home.

The home automation system for music in detail

Positioned in strategic rooms, the home automation system for music takes the ambiance to the next level. Enjoy a moment of unparalleled relaxation in your bubble bath with soft music or opt for a passionate instrumental for your romantic evenings thanks to smart speakers controlled by home automation.

Smart sound diffusion devices offer you perfect playback and absolute control over the ambiance at home from the tip of your finger. For music lovers or to have background music when you are entertaining, cleaning, working, or relaxing, these systems are ideal.

Let us help you turn your home into a smart house thanks to our high-end systems. We’re convinced this is one decision you won’t regret!

How much do home automation music diffusion devices cost?

Smart audio devices are major investments. The networking installation of this technology requires the involvement of home automation experts. However, anyone who vibes to the rhythm of the music and can’t imagine life without it will tell you: the price is worth the advantages of this addition to your smart home.

The use of home automation to improve your comfort and quality of life at home will change your way of living in your space. We also understand that the aesthetics of your smart home are important, which is why we work with professional designers on the design of your home automation music solution integration project.

Our service is therefore customized according to the configuration of your rooms and your sonic needs.

Is it easy to replace a home automation system for music?

Our home automation audio installation specialists understand your needs. Our products are therefore able to equip your home for many years. And for technophiles who like to stay ahead of the trends, we can easily replace your multi-room audio network with a newer network of devices, amplifiers, and speakers that are wired or wireless, depending on the circumstances.

How to use home automation devices for music

If there is one thing that explains the popularity of home automation solutions, it’s their ease of use. All you need is a smart device (smartphone, tablet, smart watch, smart home theatre, or central console) to turn them on and play music from all kinds of sources: radio, streaming services, or any other application. They are also easy to configure and master thanks to their voice control, for example. Your children can also use them to play their favourite music in their room thanks to the multi-room installation and your Bluetooth speaker network, such as Sonos speakers.

Câble&Son: your technological consultant for home automation installation

Our team has been taking on projects to turn living spaces into smart spaces for over fifteen years. Helping you transition to a smart lifestyle, an ideal solution that will simplify your life and increase your comfort, has been one of our greatest prides for more than 20 years.

By choosing Câble&Son, you offer yourself impeccable service and devices that will greatly exceed your expectations. We therefore offer our installation service for home automation solutions for music:

For answers to your questions about home automation for music throughout your house, contact our automation experts. Our experienced tech advisors will also help you choose the perfect home automation audio solutions for your smart home.

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