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Your Experts & Advisors

The company’s various experts have unparalleled knowledge in home automation and its related technology (sound systems, home theatres, smart temperature control, intelligent lighting, smart blinds, smart security systems, etc.) Learn more about these dedicated professionals who would love nothing more than to help you with your automation and technological projects.

Our Team of Experts

Coming from a variety of backgrounds and each with his/her own area of expertise, the professionals Câble&Son form a highly qualified team at your disposal.

Ghislain-Lacasse-CableSon-Domotique Our Team

Ghislain Lacasse

President and co-founder

Ghislain, together with Marie Josée Huard, founded the company Câble&Son in 2002. It was a logical next step for Ghisalain, who has dedicated his life to his passion for electronics, music and technology. Before starting his own company, Ghislain honed his tech experience with big organizations such Hydro-Quebec and Videotron.
Through hard work and strong business sense, Ghislain has built Câble&Son into a company leader in the field of automation. Always listening to his clients and attentive to every detail, Ghislain is the type of person who won’t stop until every job is just right.
When he isn’t meeting with clients, you can find him at the gym or on his boat, cruising on the water with his family, an activity that gives meaning to all other areas of his life.

Marie-Josée Huard

Vice-President Finance and Human Resources

The brain behind the overall well-being of Câble&Son since its beginning, Marie-Josée was a natural for the administrator position in the company. Since founding Câble&Son with Ghislain, Marie-Josée has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth. An iron fist in a velvet glove, she takes care of the company’s finances, human resources and marketing.

With 25 years’ experience in banking, this financial planner by trade knows that financial management is a non-negotiable factor of success. A woman who revels in the trenches, don’t be surprised if you meet her in one of our locations.

Known as someone who can’t sit still, when she isn’t working, she’s probably either travelling or cooking up a meal for her family and grandchildren.

Marie-Josee-Huard-CableSon-Domotique Our Team
Philippe-Dunberry-CableSon-Domotique Our Team

Philippe Dunberry

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

An entrepreneur from a very young age, Philippe probably literally fell into business as a baby! After several fruitful ventures in starting and developing businesses, in 2016, he chose to join and enrich the Câble&Son team, and, together with his friend Ghislain, has contributed to the continued success of the company. Simply put, the future of Câble&Son rests with Philippe.

This business guru is also the proud father of 2 children, whose pictures are displayed on his desk, his phone, his computer…well, you get the idea. Philippe also loves sports, but especially dinners with friends and sampling good wines.

François Gravel

Vice-President Operations

As an ever-growing company with more and more clients, we needed someone with the ability to coordinate all our different projects. For almost 2 years now, this person has been François. An athlete and a leader of great character, his presence at Câble&Son is vital. He oversees the daily coordination of all the company’s departments and makes sure that everything is always in place for our clients’ optimal satisfaction.

It is he who pulls the strings so that the deployment of the various projects precisely meets the needs and demands of our customers.

Francois-Gravel-CableSon-Domotique Our Team
Christian-Dion-CableSon-Domotique Our Team

Christian Dion

Technical director

Christian has been spearheading research and development at Câble&Son for over 10 years. Thanks to him, you can be sure to enjoy the very latest in technology. In fact, we can’t think of a better person than Christian to provide such quality technical assurance. In addition to being rigorous and detail-oriented, he’s an accomplished self-learner with a contagious passion for the newest technologies and an amazing ability to popularize technical terms.

We’re very proud to count Christian in the Câble&Son family. He has our unwavering trust, as well as a track record of getting the last word in any technical debate!

Jean-Philipe Lacasse

Project manager

Jean-Philipe is responsible for the success of any of your projects. Whether it’s by minimizing costs and delays or maximizing quality, he makes sure you get the very best service possible every step of the way in your journey with us.

This new dad loves fishing and travelling, and will accompany you throughout your project with delight and professionalism. Along with ensuring successful project outcomes, Jean-Philipe also supervises and coordinates the teams of technicians.

Jean-Philippe-Lacasse-CableSon-Domotique Our Team
Daniel-Dagenais-CableSon-Domotique Our Team

Daniel Dagenais

Project manager

Like his colleague Jean-Philipe, Daniel is also responsible for your projects’ success, and will make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.

With his technical knowledge of commercial environments, Daniel has become a key player at Câble&Son.  It’s in large part thanks to his tireless devotion to a job well done that we can be so proud today of our service quality.

When he isn’t with a client or at the office, he’s either tapping into his athletic side or taking the time to share his love for music with his daughter.

Daniel Lefebvre

V.P, Business development

Daniel’s 30 years’ experience in business development has been almost exclusively in electronics.
With a resume that includes professor/Leader of courses in Marketing, Distribution and in business opportunity development management for the Université du Québec de Longueuil, de Trois-Rivières as well as for the Business University in Hanoï, Vietnam, the world of business is very familiar territory.

Daniel has had his eye on joining Ghislain’s team with Philippe for a long time, eager to share with them his experience in the field and his passion for automation.

Daniel-Lefebvre-CableSon-Domotique Our Team
Frederic-CableSon-Domotique Our Team

Frédéric Chabot

Installation Leader

Always ready to help and pitch in with any technological challenge, Frédéric is one of the veterans on the Câble&Son team. He not only knows the ins and outs of the company, but he has witnessed and contributed to the development of the team and the satisfaction of our clients.

Polite and reserved by nature, Frédéric is a passionate self-learner who stops at nothing to meet his ultimate objective: satisfy his clients at all costs.

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