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Smart lighting for Individuals and Professionals

“Let there be light. And there was light.” in the beginning, fire was the main source of light, followed by iol lamps, candles, electric lamps and, finally, LED midules. While our lighting accessories have changed (link in french), so have the ways we manage our lighting.

For homes and businesses, Câble&Son presents: smart lighting. Automatic and intelligent management of interior and exterior lighting.

Enjoy the added value that comes with the ability to preconfigure different types of ambience. Our clients are delighted by completely changing the ambience according to their needs.

Smart Lighting in the Residential Sector

If there’s one thing that bothers most of the people we meet, it’s a badly organized lighting system. Playing around with the switches until you find the right one can be a real pain, not to mention the classic dilemma of who’s going to get out of bed to turn off the light.

Imagine instead controlling all the lighting in your home through your cell phone, including setting the intensity and even the colour of the lighting, and creating the right ambience for your needs.

Too good to be true? Câble&Son has been installing smart and aesthetic lighting for years now. The feedback has been nothing but positive, and we believe all homes should be equipped with a similar system.

How much does an smart lighting system cost?

Prices vary, depending on the size of your space, number of rooms and the level of smart lighting you want. In general, our clients opt for several different systems (see smart house) that allow them in turn to keep costs down. In addition, a smart lighting system will provide you significant energy savings. What’s more practical and aesthetic than lights that turn themselves off automatically when nobody is in the room?

Do I have to change my system often?

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have to change the lighting system we install. We use the latest available technologies on the market. Until now, not a single one of our clients has had to change their system. The LED lightbulbs used have a very long life and consume such little energy.

Is it hard to use?

Like all the systems we install, you can easily personalize yours. In a world where it’s easy to lose oneself in technology, our company is all about simplification.

For the Commercial Sector

Lighting in businesses plays a crucial role in the value of sales spaces. In bars and restaurants, it allows you to create soothing atmospheres for your clients. For other businesses, lighting is, above all else, the tool for working more efficiently.

Whatever your business, we’d bet you’re already fed up with your lighting system. Sometimes the lights are too bright, other times not bright enough. You probably often find yourself uncertain whether you shut them off. Maybe you’d like to change colours from time to time to create a nicer ambience, or you’d like to use LED lightbulbs that consume less energy.

Câble&Son can address all your issues with a single solution: its intelligent and centralized lighting system

  • intelligently manage brightness according to your preferred natural lighting
  • Centralize control of all your lights
  • enjoy the energy savings that come with an smart lighting system
  • you can remotely control your entire lighting system
  • Thanks to its ability to be easily upgraded, there’s no need to change the system for a very long time

Câble&Son: You won’t regret trusting us

Upon creating the automation company Câble&Son, our principal objective was to transform the lives of our clients. Fifteen years later, this objective hasn’t changed. We still revel in the ability to enhance the lives of all those who trust us. We’ve opened two showrooms, and we look forward to seeing you.

Are you as eager to get started on your lighting system as we are? What are you waiting for? Contact Us

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