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Smart Home Automation System

For Your Comfort and Peace of Mind

A high-end home automation system and a status symbol, automation is becoming a staple in modern homes and offices. Whether it’s for residential home automation systems or commercial automation, its many benefits make automation the new logical way to inhabit our spaces.

However, this new, slightly futuristic world can be overwhelming. What exactly is automation, and why do you need it? Why does it seem like the only thing people are talking about these days? As automation professionals, we’re happy to answer your questions.

What is home automation? A definition

Home automation is a concept that represents a variety of techniques and services that combine telecommunications and computing in a specific environment. The so-called “smart”, “connected” or “automated” space integrates many of those techniques and services to help an individual or a group of people control features remotely with intelligent home controls.

The remote control of the different systems and subsystems of a property (heating, doors, lights, etc.) is therefore centralized and users can configure the way their smart house or smart business behaves with complete control.

Different Smart Home Automation Devices

Home automation control systems allow you to manage a variety of equipment and smart home devices in your spaces, and manage them as needed:

  • Sound System;
  • Home Theatre;
  • Lighting;
  • Temperature;
  • Alarm System and Security Cameras;
  • Smart Blinds;
  • And many other elements.

They are also always accessible, thanks, in part, to the Internet. You can use your smart device (smart mobile devices, tablet) by downloading a mobile app or going on a website to control, remotely, the systems in your home or commercial space.

What are the Advantages of Home Automation?

Home automation offers comfort like no other. This « brain » dedicated to the management of your environment, makes it simple and enjoyable. In addition, “smart” management of your heating, air conditioning, and lighting makes you save money by better conserving energy without compromising comfort. Future homes are energy-saving solutions.

The benefits are:

  • Central Management of all of your Intelligent Home Devices;
  • Flexibility for new devices and appliances;
  • Remote Control of Home Functions;
  • Increased Energy Efficiency and Savings;
  • Home Management Insights.

Home automation systems are practical, easy to use, and you can manage them remotely. Furthermore, how smart home technology will develop in the coming years will be very beneficial for users.

Because of the huge amount of customer interest in smart home technology, the world’s largest IT businesses and entrepreneurs are competing to outdo one other. As a result, larger, better smart home technology is continually being created to meet our digital requirements, and the sector is on a meteoric rise.

What are examples of home automation systems?

At Câble&Son, we offer multiple home automation technologies:

The possible applications of home automation

Home automation centralizes the (remote) management of nearly all systems found in homes or other spaces, both for the interior and exterior. You can even have individualized settings for each person according to their personal preferences: water temperature when taking a shower, the intensity of the lighting, automatic feedings for pets, opening and closing blinds depending on natural light and the time of day, the automatic configuration of maintenance robots, garden sprinkler control, temperature control, etc.

The possibilities of home automation are only as limited as your imagination, needs, and budget.

Have a specific question on home automation?

Câble&Son and its team are here to provide you with answers on all your home automation questions. We’re passionate about the possibilities of this exciting field, so ask away!

Contact one of our experts by telephone at 450-443-5575 or contact us online. We’d be happy to help you.

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