Smart Apartments and Condo Automation


The term “smart” in your home now refers to more than just your condo entertainment system or mobile phone. A fully integrated condo automation system can help you enhance condo living. Make the most of your time spent at home!

What is a Smart Apartment or Condo Automation?

A condo is considered “smart” when an automated management system, also known as condo automation, has been installed on the property. It allows the condo owner with full convenience and efficiency to have control over:

To put it clearly, the goal of automation is to bring simplicity to your life. A single interface is accessible across multiple devices, providing you with ease of use and control at all times. That is what we call: In home control systems.

We can divide automated functions in the home into three main categories:

  1. Comfort
  2. Entertainment
  3. Security / Convenience

The lighting and temperature in your condo can affect your comfort and your family as well. You can now control the lights in every room from wherever you are. Heating and cooling can be programmed to start a few minutes before your arrival, saving you money on energy and electricity bills.

When you sit down and launch a movie session from your tablet or phone, in-home entertainment becomes a real treat. The lights dim, the blinds may even close, the sound system kicks on, and the television comes to life with a Hollywood introduction.

Traditionally, the first applications of automation were in the field of security. It’s been years since the very wealthy could check in on their homes via camera links, but it’s now available to everyone. With a camera integrated into your doorbell, you can have complete control over an array of cameras in your condo. You can even see who is knocking, by glancing at your phone.

The possibility to program your blinds or close them while at work or running errands has been added to the video links.

Condo Automation: Music and Home Entertainment Systems

Sound systems can now be integrated directly into the walls of as many rooms as you want. There’s no need to set up a massive hi-fi system in the living room, and standing speakers. Technology advancements have enabled the development of ceiling-mounted speakers that will connect to your music library at all times.

Whether you listen to a radio station or an internet music service, you’ll be able to access your favourite music from any location.

This is yet another example of the level of autonomy offered by smart technologies. Up until today, it was unheard of, and now is the time to make the most of it.

Comfort: Smart Lighting and Temperature Control

Save energy – both yours and the electricity’s – by having the ability to turn off lights and heating automatically, either through presence detectors or through device controls.

Your home lighting can be programmed to turn on as you enter a room, saving you the trouble of looking for light switches. Another method of control is voice command, which allows you to turn off the lights in your room with literally zero hassle.

Home climate regulation is typically accomplished passively through the use of thermostats, a technology that has been a part of our lives for many years. Alternatively, you can use the smart home hub interface to increase your heating – perhaps before you arrive home from work.

Security and Intimacy: Smart Blinds

Why should you choose motorised blinds? With a single swipe of a screen, you’ll be able to close all of your home’s blinds eliminating the need to go room-to-room. If even that is too much to think about, they can be programmed to shut themselves down at certain times of day, such as sunset.

So, even if you get stuck in traffic on the way home or are delayed, you can rest assured that your home will be secure even if you are not present. Additionally, smart blinds will block out any light from the street, ensuring a good night’s sleep – or even a restorative catnap in the daytime.

Consider waking up on a lazy Sunday morning with the sun piercing through the blinds. With the press of a button, you can let the sunlight shine on your bed without even getting out of bed.

While we haven’t yet reached the levels of automation imagined in sci-fi novels – no robots frying your eggs for breakfast – it is still a significant advancement from just a few years ago. Our lives are becoming more connected, but also more hectic. Home and condo automation is intended to simplify things, to help you relax at home and enjoy the creature comforts for which you work every day.

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