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How to Deter Burglars: Our Tips

It’s a fear that everyone has already experienced: that of coming back home to find the front door open, the house ransacked by burglars, and valuables missing.

We present ten effective little tips on how to deter burglars who want to enter your home.

What are the tips to deter burglars?

From protecting your windows to installing a complete automated home security system, here is how to deter burglars!

1. Install outdoor surveillance cameras

How can you deter burglars? They don’t want their identities to be revealed, so start by installing outdoor cameras on your property. Security cameras act as an effective deterrent to potential burglars, since they indicate that the property is monitored and secured.

2. Invest in motorized smart blinds

Are you familiar with motorized smart blinds? These blinds can be controlled and secured remotely in case you forget. No more security gaps! Indeed, many intruders don’t hesitate to force open poorly secured windows or rolling shutters to enter homes.

3. Get a burglar alarm

Security alarm systems remain one of the most effective burglar deterrents in which you can invest. It’s best to choose a home alarm with a motion sensor. Place your motion sensors strategically in main rooms or entrance hallways that intruders can’t avoid.

4. Have armoured doors installed

Consider investing in an armoured door to prevent or slow down intrusions. That way, even by trying to force the door open with a crowbar or kick it down, burglars will find it much more difficult to break into your home.

Don’t forget to secure your garage door or other entrances on the yard side, for example. Using protective bars can help you reinforce non-armoured exits.

5. Use an automated lighting system

Burglars always avoid well-lit areas because the chances of getting caught are higher.

We recommend ensuring that your entire property is equipped with a fully functional smart lighting system to deter burglars. Motion sensor lights let you quickly surprise intruders.

6. Plan ahead for when you go on vacation

Burglary rates peak in July and August, when people go on vacation. Consider preparing for your departure: warn your trusted neighbourhood and even the police.

7. Maintain your surroundings

Long grass in the yard, a mailbox overflowing with newspapers… These details may indicate to burglars that you’re away, which makes your home vulnerable.

Deterring burglars therefore also involves maintaining your yard: ask a loved one to take care of it and pick up your mail.

8. Put up security system signs

Buying deterrent signs or stickers to let everyone know that your home is protected by a security system is a good way to deter burglars.

9. Hide your valuables

Don’t leave anything in sight and lock your valuables in safes. Indeed, the burglars have likely carried out some reconnaissance beforehand by looking through your windows to spot the valuable items they want.

10. Burglaries: what you should avoid

Here are the things not to do above all if you are the target of a burglary:

  • Confront the burglar alone: Don’t play the hero. Burglars can be dangerous and may even have weapons. Alerting the police should be your priority, and this is one of the government recommendations against burglaries.
  • Trap the home: In reality, this is illegal. By trapping your home, you will not be able to benefit from self-defence.
  • Touch the scene of the burglary: Although it may be tempting to want to tidy everything up when you discover your home turned upside down, hold off and wait for the police to arrive. Indeed, potential evidence could be discovered during the investigation, and destroying it may prevent you from being reimbursed by your insurance.

Deterring burglars with home automation

By applying the practical advice listed above, you will have a much lower risk of burglary! However, the most reliable method for deterring burglars is having a smart home secured as much as possible. This is exactly what we offer you at Câble&Son.

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