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Videoconference system for companies and organizations

As teleworking is ubiquitous and becoming increasingly important, it is normal as a company manager or department head to look for videoconferencing solutions. Teleworking requires the use of suitable technologies, and these technologies must meet the highest standards in order to facilitate quality communication and premium service.

Many employees work remotely, but others come to the office. How can you effectively bring all your employees together and create effective synergy? The best solution is installing a videoconferencing system that allows people to come together no matter where they are.

Thanks to our partnership with Creston, which offers the best products on the market, our videoconferencing service will allow you to create remote meeting rooms to facilitate teleworking and remote conferencing with your clients. We offer impeccable service to ensure an instant and seamless connection.

Cable&Son offers you the possibility of fully equipping your meeting and conference rooms or simply expanding the equipment already in place by adding a device. We provide screens, control tablets, and audio equipment, including camera systems. The installation and configuration are handled by our team to ensure that the product matches your needs perfectly.

Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it with disconnections and videoconferencing without image or video. Optimize your workflow and human resources management now with our videoconferencing platforms.

A complete videoconferencing system tailored to today’s market

Our videoconferencing system installation service will allow you to organize larger meetings thanks to:

  • state-of-the-art dual display presentations
  • extensive collaboration with 4K videoconferencing
  • a state-of-the-art audio system
  • high-speed Ethernet connectivity
  • a seamless, reliable, and ultra-fast connection

Our complete videoconferencing service will make your business smart. It will make it possible for you to hold intercontinental meetings—as well as meetings with your neighbours—in real-time.

Thanks to their expertise in audiovisual equipment and lighting, Cable&Son’s teams will offer you the best layout for your space. Easily create meeting rooms of all sizes, offices, or atypical spaces, such as classrooms, lecture halls, amphitheaters, etc.

Quotes are customized and tailored to the customer’s needs. You can also add a lighting system and a smart audio system to create an immersive atmosphere during your meetings.

Videoconferencing for efficient meetings and conferences

Our videoconferencing service will allow you to work more efficiently and intelligently between your different departments and improve your customer relations. Our videoconferencing service is particularly applicable in the areas of:

  • insurance/banking/finance/wealth management
  • universities and private schools
  • information and communication
  • construction: architects, developers/builders, master electricians.

Plan your videoconference rooms in advance and contact us now for more information. You can finally have confidence in your videoconferencing system!

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