In home control systems

In Home Control System : How to Control Everything Inside your Residence

Home automation systems, or in home control systems, have been devised to simply save time, and add comfort to our lives.

Almost any system or electronic device can be programmed to function automatically. You can set up a system or piece of equipment and forget about it entirely: automation does the rest. Learn more about smart apartment and condo automation.

Originally, we used to need to program each device one by one – remember trying to record TV programs to VHS cassettes? – which was a chore. Even as technology evolved and made devices smarter, they were not connected to a common system.

Today, advances have enabled the integration of diverse and disparate electronics into one system. From this hub, you can remotely control all of them. Welcome to the world of In Home Control Systems.

In Home Control Systems : Families of devices

As a rule of thumb, we can place electronic equipment into 3 main categories:

  • Security: this regroups cameras, doorbell, locks, and blinds, for the most part.
  • Entertainment: play your music whenever and wherever you choose, films and movies.
  • Comfort: temperature regulation, ambient lighting controls.

With the rise in wireless technology and connectivity, anyone can create an in home control system. This enables the control of everything from heating, lighting, security cameras to entertainment centers. Through voice commands or a mobile app, automation can turn your home into a truly smart home.

Seamless Integration

Imagine returning from a long day at work, sitting down on the sofa to relax and at the flick of a switch – or more appropriately, a swipe of a touchscreen – you order a dose of ambient music, coupled with a dimming of the lights with smart lighting, while turning up the heating and even shutting the blinds.

While it may sound too good to be true, in reality, it’s easily achievable with the arrival of hub systems.

In home control systems and home automation can seamlessly integrate many devices through a common hub, all 100% controlled from your mobile phone.

You can save yourself a few minutes of every day by programming basic chores, such as shutting the motorized curtains or blinds after a dark, or even boosting the heating in your bedroom a few minutes before your bedtime. These are tiny, but incremental moments that add to your quality of life in the long run.

Bespoke systems and controls

Because each home is unique, with a given number of rooms and devices to be integrated to the hub system, you can choose how connected you want to be.

Some hub systems are connected to the internet, or voice-operated, but they don’t necessarily have to use those functions. It’s all down to the design you choose, and what you feel is best for your needs.

Big name internet companies have on offer a variety of smart home devices, namely Amazon’s Echo range, Apple Home and Google Nest, that have sold millions of units around the world.

Each has its own advantages, but for a genuinely tailor-made in home control system or home automation, it’s best to consult a specialist.

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