Smart Home in Montreal

smart-home-montreal Smart Home in Montreal


Do you dream of having a smart home in Montreal? In Quebec, as in many other places around the world, smart homes have the wind in their sails. It should be noted that smart homes have everything to entice people. They simplify and greatly improve people’s busy lives.

Are you ready to treat yourself to these pleasures? Our experts are pleased to help you modernize your spaces. We also work on both residential and commercial automation projects.

What is a smart home?

The internet, connected objects, and home automation: the trio you need for your smart home in Montreal.

A smart home is a house with various automated elements (audio, lighting, heating, alarms, home theatre, etc.) that can be controlled from mobile applications available on smartphones or tablets.

Home automation products are cutting-edge systems. If you don’t know where to start, here are the most popular products with our customers:

  • Automated audio systems: to liven up waiting rooms or enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at home without having to move an audio system around;
  • Smart lighting: to program your lighting by room or according to criteria of your choice;
  • Automated temperature: to control the costs related to heating or air conditioning;
  • A home theatre system: to surprise your customers or spend memorable moments at home;
  • Motorized curtains: programmed according to your tastes and needs;
  • Security systems: high-end technology to keep your home or business secure.

Smart home in Montreal: our service for your comfort

Smart homes and security

Making your home smart means offering yourself comfort, but also security.

Imagine being able to control your equipment remotely during your vacation to the south or to the cottage. Control the temperature of your home, make sure that no one is coming in, or—conversely—unlock the door for those who need to enter while you are away.

By making your home smart, it’s possible to program the lights to turn on by themselves, the music to start up, or the rolling shutters to lower once night falls. Of course, your alarms and surveillance cameras can also be programmed and controlled remotely.

That way, you can sleep soundly during your vacation!


Connected homes and energy savings

A smart home is also smart from an energy perspective. When the heating is programmed thanks to a smart thermostat and the lights shut off automatically, say goodbye to wasted energy.


Our smart equipment store

Our on-site expert advisors will be pleased to inform you about the different home automation products as well as our custom installation service.

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