Home Automation in Saint-Lambert

home automation in Saint-Lambert

Cable&Son is happy to provide a professional service for home automation in Saint-Lambert. No matter the home automation product you wish to install, we can help you. We work with both residential and commercial projects, so if you need a home automation system installed, do not hesitate to contact us! Our experts are ready to help you transform your living spaces into smart living spaces.

Our team is proud to offer both commercial and residential automation solutions tailored to your taste and needs. Our consulting staff in Saint-Lambert is ready to guide you through the latest and trendiest leading-edge products. You can also visit our boutique in Brossard to live the home automation experience live. Our automation experts will be able to provide judicious advice as well as all the information you need on the smart home universe. It’s the perfect place to discover how automation can simplify your life and improve your comfort.

Home Automation in Saint-Lambert: A Connected Future

Do you wish life at home or the office was easier? Home automation in Saint-Lambert is an excellent way to make life easier for you. Treat yourself with some modern, high-tech products that have been created for your comfort. Transform your spaces in spaces that inspire comfort and simplicity. In the age of smart technologies, it has never been easier to simplify your life. We are confident when we say that home automation in Saint-Lambert will go beyond your expectations.

We are proud to provide you with revolutionary products. Exploit your living spaces to the fullest with the absolute control you get with home automation systems. All automation systems are entirely controllable from a smart device, whether it be your tablet or phone. This means that with only a few clicks, you can activate or deactivate your automation systems. Whether you install smart lighting solutions, an audio system, or something as simple as smart blinds, you get absolute control over your environment, no matter where you are.

Leading-Edge Products

If you wish to have a home automation system installed in Saint-Lambert at your home or business, contact us. Our expert team will take care of everything for you.

Here are a few of our popular home automation systems in Saint-Lambert:

  • Audio systems: At the office or home, you have access to your favourite music without having to move a system. These systems are perfect for waiting rooms;
  • Smart lighting solutions so you can have absolute control over your lighting, its colour, and intensity;
  • A home automation temperature system programmed to follow the seasons or customized with your preferences;
  • A home theatre system to impress your guests at home or surprise your customers in your waiting rooms;
  • Smart blinds that open and close according to criteria you chose, or by following the sun;
  • A high-performance security system that includes but is not limited to: smoke alarm, fire alarm, water damage, automatic locks, surveillance cameras, etc.;

Home automation in Saint-Lambert has so much to offer. Consult our experts to discover everything home automation can do for you. It is time to make your life easier and improve your comfort with our leading-edge products.

Home Automation in Saint-Lambert: The Residential Service

Home automation in Saint-Lambert also offers you unsurpassed peace of mind. Doors that are automatically locked as you leave the house, windows that close themselves when there’s a weather change, smart blinds that move for you when you’re travelling, and so much more. There are very few limits to what home automation can do for you.

We also have solutions for those who work in real estate. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn how you could include home automation in your living spaces.

Home Automation in Saint-Lambert: The Commercial Service

For business owners, we also have several automation solutions for you. It’s time to surprise your customers and increase the security of your business with leading-edge products. We can provide you with several products that will help you stand out from the competition.

Do not hesitate to consult our home automation experts in Saint-Lambert to learn about all of our commercial security options. We are happy to help you determine which security options are perfect for your business.

Visit Our Boutique in Brossard!

You can visit our boutique in Brossard, located about 30 minutes away from Saint-Lambert. We will be happy to welcome you into our business and make you live the home automation experience live.

For more than 15 years, we have provided both residents and business owners with our home automation service in Saint-Lambert. We are proud to provide you with solutions that are both stylish and modern to transform your living spaces.

Here is what we include in our home automation installation service:

  • A custom selection of our best home automation products;
  • A style tailored to your taste and needs, whether it is for your business or your home;
  • An installation service provided by our experienced, qualified team members;

Do not hesitate to visit us! We are happy to welcome you:

1949, F.-X. Sabourin

St-Hubert (Québec)—J3Z 0B3

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 6 PM. You can also contact us by phone during those opening hours at (450) 443-5575.

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