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What’s the Meaning of “Home Automation?”

What’s the meaning of “home automation?” This is a term that comes up often in the mouths of techies. If you have friends or family who are passionate about new technologies, you’ve probably heard this term more than once.

Home automation refers to everything related to the universe of smart and connected systems that can be added to your home or business. We are talking about home automation when we mention products that can be remotely controlled by a smartphone. Here are some examples of home automation systems:

Smart lighting
Temperature control system
Entertainment: audio and theater
Smart blinds
High-end security systems
And more

Commercial and residential automation are revolutionizing the way we live in our spaces. As we spend most of our lives inside, either at home or at work, it’s no surprise that we seek out maximum comfort. This is exactly what the term “home automation” means. It is all about devices designed to simplify your life and increase your comfort level.

Now, let’s discover the meaning of home automation as well as the benefits of owning home automation systems at home or at the office.

Absolute Control Over your Energy Costs

What does the term “home automation” mean if not that you have absolute control? Indeed, with your fingertip, you can adjust your temperature, lighting, and more. Certain home automation products even let you control the water flow in your shower. You can therefore easily control all your energy costs. This lets you be more eco-friendly and reduce your energy bills.

This is also the meaning of home automation in connection with the products mentioned above:

  • An automated temperature system lets you control the temperature throughout your home. You can also program the temperature according to the needs of each room. The criteria can be customized according to your preferences, the amount of sunlight, the time of day, the number of people in a room, etc. There are no limits to what home automation can do for you when it comes to temperature.
  • Much like temperature, lighting systems are completely programmable and customizable. You can use predefined criteria or program them according to your preferences. Certain systems even offer a variety of colors for your lighting to add ambiance to a room.

Simplifying your life and increasing your comfort level is exactly what the term “home automation” means. And giving you absolute control over your home automation devices from a smartphone is exactly what home automation does.

The Meaning of Home Automation: Entertainment and Security

To understand what home automation means, you should know that the universe of home automation is constantly evolving. While it consisted in the beginning of a few applications for lighting and other practical and mundane tools, it is now a fast-growing field.

We are now talking about integrated audio systems, gigantic home theatre systems like The Wall from Samsung, and high-end security systems. We are also talking about any product that can help increase the user’s comfort level. Have you already heard about the connected shower? A smart mirror? There are very few limits to what home automation can do for you.

The fear of leaving the house and forgetting to lock a door or window disappears with home automation since you can install automatic locking systems and windows that close remotely. You can also centralize all your home automation products on a smart device.

Have you discovered the meaning of home automation? If you have any questions or comments, contact us. Our experts are happy to speak with you.

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