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Intelligent Lighting Design: The Benefits

Intelligent lighting design is increasingly popular in Quebec. Whether it’s for your second home, your primary residence, or your business, there are many solutions available to you. Smart Homes and commercial automation are fields that are constantly reinventing themselves. Each year, a multitude of new smart lighting products appears on the market.

But what makes a lighting design an intelligent lighting design? There are several ways to transform your lighting system thanks to home automation. Some require doing business with professionals. Fortunately, there are also smart lighting solutions that you can carry out by yourself. Depending on your design goals, discover which solutions you could adopt to turn your lighting into smart lighting.

The 3 approaches to intelligent lighting design

You can turn your lighting into intelligent lighting design in three different ways:

  • Replace what already exists with smart solutions, such as smart light bulbs or outlets connected to WiFi. This lets you keep what you have already installed at home or at the office and control them with your voice or an application. You, therefore, don’t have to replace all your lighting systems. You just have to adapt them or connect them to an automated smart lighting system.
  • Take the wireless route by modernizing all your wall switches with wireless connection systems. This lets you maintain absolute control over your lighting. How? Thanks to the use of home automation applications on your smartphone, for example.
  • Complete renovation: Take advantage of renovations or a new construction to rethink the way you use your lighting design. You might be able to hide everything in the walls for a sleek, modern design. This solution also lets you maintain total control over your smart lighting.

Now, let’s discover the benefits of each of these methods.

Replacing what already exists

Earlier, we mentioned smart light bulbs and outlets connected to WiFi. Here are the benefits of this approach.

  • Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs are easy to install in a lighting design. They are also affordable and can easily adapt to Alexa and Google Home voice assistance systems. Certain companies that manufacture smart light bulbs are also very effective at programming a bulb according to the natural light, the temperature, and the time of day. This is a good solution if you want to use smart lighting in a single room but virtually impossible for multiple rooms, because it will be harder to figure out which bulb and which room you are dealing with.

  • Adapters for electrical outlets

This is undoubtedly the most affordable method and the easiest to install. Unlike smart light bulbs, most adapters don’t need a converter for the network. On the other hand, this approach only works with lamps and other lighting solutions that you plug into a wall outlet. Again, this is a solution for a single room and a single light bulb. You may not even have to replace your bulbs, but you should still make sure that the bulbs that you have can be dimmed if this is important to you.

Switching to wireless

For wireless, you have two options: wireless and RadioRA 2.

  • Caséta Wireless

This is the most affordable way to modernize your lighting design. You just have to replace your wall outlets with connected wall outlets to control your lighting. This lets you maintain absolute control through the use of your voice or applications on your smart devices. You can also connect your lighting system to other home automation applications if you already have some. Your light bulbs are still limited to bulbs that can be dimmed or incandescent, fluorescent, or LED bulbs. If you want to switch to a more integrated solution, Caséta Wireless is a good solution.

  • RadioRA 2

To control the entirety of your lighting design at home or at the office, RadioRA 2 is your solution. This wireless method lets you control more than 200 devices, unlike Caséta, which is limited to about 50. In addition to controlling your smart lighting, you can therefore add sensors, thermostats, and more. RadioRA 2 is also recognized for being superior to Caséta when it comes to wireless protocol. It’s the most flexible and complete approach if you want to give your lighting design a makeover. On the other hand, you will have to call in professionals for the installation.

Complete renovation

Although this is a more expensive option, it’s the most effective option for completely changing your lighting system at home or at the office. The panel materials are high-quality, and their responsiveness is instantaneous. In addition, by taking advantage of a complete renovation or a new construction to have these panels installed, you will ensure reliable service that doesn’t depend on the quality of your wireless network. You will also have access to a much wider range of bulb compatibility and better control over your lighting. It’s the ideal smart solution.

If you have any questions about smart light design, contact us. A member of our team will be pleased to take the call.

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