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10 Good Reasons to Switch to Home Automation Technology

Home automation technology is a fast-growing field. Every year, hundreds of new home automation products are presented at events such as the CES annual summit. Each of these new products has been designed for the sole purpose of simplifying our lives or increasing our comfort level.

To make your life more comfortable at home, there is a wide range of smart home products. And for the office, you can easily turn to commercial automation. This technology is revolutionizing the way we use our living spaces.

Of course, home automation technology is more than a matter of simplicity and comfort. There are many reasons to turn to home automation. Here are 10 good ones presented by our home automation experts.

1. Home automation technology and lighting

Whether you own a home or business, automated lighting is one of the many advantages of home automation. How? Simply by offering you complete control over your lighting. You can therefore change the colors and intensity of your lighting with the tip of your finger from your smart device.

2. Automated temperature

You can also adjust the temperature according to criteria you’ve chosen. You can choose your settings according to the room, your personal preferences, the outdoor temperature, and more.

3. Motorized curtains

Follow the sun with your motorized curtains. You just have to set them up, and they will adjust themselves. Home automation is there to make your life easier and give you complete control over your environment.

4. Savings on your energy bills

Although home automation technology is expensive to purchase, it will let you save money on your energy bills. By having control over your lighting, temperature, and more, you can easily save energy.

5. High-quality security systems

At home or at the office, security is one of the most important elements to consider. Home automation gives you the possibility to control your security systems from a smart device and more. For example, if you have cameras, you can receive notifications when someone comes to your door or tries to enter your home. Some cameras can even alert the local authorities in case of extreme noise (window shattered, door broken down). You can also take advantage of fire, smoke, and water damage systems that notify you of incidents when you are out of the house or even in another country. Home automation technology offers you the very best in terms of security, both at home and at the office.

6. Do everything remotely

Another advantage is that home automation technology lets you manage all your home automation systems remotely. Do you think you forgot to lock the door? Don’t worry. You can program your locks so that they lock automatically when you leave the premises, or simply check their status (and change it!) from your smart device. You can even have access to a smart intercom that lets you answer your doorbell from your hotel room in Bali!

7. Entertainment like never before

Of course, with new technology comes better entertainment services! Home automation technology lets you enjoy cutting-edge automated audio and home theatre systems. You can have access to all your favorite music without having to move a device around the house. Screens installed in your waiting rooms at the office will let you stand out from your competitors and surprise your customers.

8. High-end products

Think of products like Google Home or Alexa, which are revolutionizing the way you interact with your environment. These products are just a tiny fraction of what home automation technology can offer you.

9. Continuous support

Another advantage is the peace of mind offered by home automation technology. Imagine that you are a caregiver at home or an elderly person on medication. Home automation lets you set reminders about your medical appointments, taking your medication, and more. There are even first response home automation products for emergencies.

10. Centralization of your services

The biggest advantage of home automation lies in its ease of use. These days, almost everyone has access to a smart device. Whether it’s a phone or a tablet, home automation technology lets you centralize all your systems and control them easily. It’s the ideal way to maintain complete control over what happens at home and at the office, all with just a few clicks in an application.

If you want to learn more about home automation technology, don’t hesitate to contact our home automation experts. A member of our team will be delighted to speak with you.