High-End Home Automation Design: Some Inspirations

High-end home automation products don’t just make your life easier. There are many inventions that emerge each year in the field of smart homes. Some of them, in particular, are designed to make your living spaces extraordinary places.

High-end home automation design may include smart lighting, screens, audio systems, and more. Find out how home automation can stylize your spaces. Our home automation experts let you discover 3 high-end home automation products to inspire you.

Home automation design: more than a question of lighting

Having smart lighting is good, but what do you think about high-end smart lighting design? The possibility of programming your lighting according to your preferences is important, but also according to the situation.

Imagine yourself in your living room. You’re spending a romantic evening with your better half and you decide to change the ambiance. With your fingertips, you can change the color of your lights and dim them. Or let’s say, in this same living room, you’re entertaining guests during the holidays. You can make the ambiance festive thanks to your high-end smart lighting design in just a few clicks.

The benefits of smart lighting are undeniable. However, when this is combined with the know-how of interior design experts, you get an even more winning recipe.

The spa treatment at home

Are you interested in enjoying the spa experience at home? Thanks to high-end home automation design, it’s possible for you to transform your bathroom. How? Nothing could be simpler. By installing a connected shower, smart lighting, and any other home automation product that will bring you closer to the spa experience. The connected shower is also one of the most popular inventions among home automation enthusiasts. This is a high-end home automation invention that gives you the possibility to have a spa-worthy experience right in your bathroom.

Entertainment like never before

Home theatres are increasingly popular with home automation enthusiasts. Competition is also fierce for manufacturers in the entertainment field—so fierce that they always go further to push the limits. And that’s what Samsung has done by revealing The Wall at CES 2018.

What is The Wall exactly? A giant 146-inch screen. But that’s not all. Not only does this screen use microLED technology for blacks that are blacker than black, but this screen is customizable. You can decide to use this gigantic screen as a home theatre. Otherwise, you can take advantage of the creative flexibility that this screen offers you by creating your own designs according to your aesthetic needs.

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