Home Automation in Boucherville

home-automation-boucherville-1 Home Automation in Boucherville

You’ve debated long enough to have a home automation system installed in Boucherville? Contact our home automation experts today. We can help you modernize your residence or office with our home automation or commercial automation systems. Our team is happy to guide you and help you find the smart products that you truly need.

Do not hesitate to visit our boutique in Brossard! There, you will be able to live the home automation experience live. Our team is proud to welcome you in our home and help you discover our latest, high-tech products. You can trust our experts to answer all of your questions. If you are looking for modern, leading-edge technologies, our boutique is the best place to get you started with the home automation universe.

For all your needs when it comes to home automation in Boucherville, we are the team that you need. We are proud to help you find solutions tailored to your home or business’s needs.

Home Automation in Boucherville: A Taste of the Future

We are proud to offer a professional home automation installation service in Boucherville. Since more than 15 years, we have been working both with homeowners and business owners to transform and modernize their spaces. Add a touch of modernity to your living areas today with the help of home automation in Boucherville.

The interest in smart technologies is ever so growing with Quebecers. Smart products such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa are only a tiny part of what home automation in Boucherville can do for you. Since this is a constantly evolving field, we are confident when we say that home automation in Boucherville will keep surprising you. Home automation products revolutionize the way we interact with our spaces, and dozens of new products appear on the market each year.

Another advantage of those products is that they are fully remotely controllable. Which means that with only a few clicks, no matter where you find yourself, you can activate or deactivate your systems. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet to control your home automation systems. You have absolute control over your environment, both at home and at the office.

If you need a home automation system installed in Boucherville, trust Cable&Son’s experts do bring your project to term. We will take care of everything.

Leading-Edge Technologies

Interested in home automation systems? Here are a few of our most popular systems to date:

  • Audio systems: to be able to listen to your favorite songs wherever you are without having to move an audio system or to bring life in your waiting rooms;
  • Smart lighting solutions: for better control over your lighting;
  • Temperature system: have absolute control over your energy expenses at home or in the office;
  • Home theatre for memorable moments with your family or to surprise your customers in your waiting rooms;
  • Smart blinds that follow the sun or programmed according to your preferences;
  • High-tech security systems for your residence or your office;

Contact our experts to get our best offers today!

Home Automation in Boucherville: Our Residential Service

Did you forget to lock the door behind you? Have you forgotten to close a window while the weather forecast predicted rain? Those worries are all but gone if you have the right home automation system installed at home. For example, there are several security options, such as automatic locks, smart windows, and surveillance cameras that you can have installed at home. Other than an increased level of security, home automation systems are also perfect to increase your level of comfort at home.

Think about how an integrated audio system could improve the ambiance at home, or how essential oils are diffused across various rooms. There are very little limits to what home automation in Boucherville can do for you!

If you are a real estate player, we also have smart solutions for you. Distinguish yourself from the competition with our smart products. Do not hesitate to contact our home automation experts to receive more information on how home automation solutions can help you.

Home Automation in Boucherville: Our Commercial Service

What you can do at home, you can do at the office! Add some life into your waiting rooms with a home theatre system, or an integrated audio system. Your customers and employees will thank you. We also have numerous security solutions to help distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Consult our experts today to discover all the commercial solutions we can offer you.

Visit Our Boutique in Brossard!

Our team will be happy to welcome you and help you find solutions tailored to your needs. If you wish to learn more about home automation, or the latest high-tech products, we are happy to help you.

Here is what our service includes a:

  • personalized selection from our top-of-the-line products that fit your taste and needs;
  • modern style that is easy to integrate at home or the office;
  • professional installation service provided by experts in the field;

You can find our boutique at this address:

1949, F.-X. Sabourin

St-Hubert (Québec)—J3Z 0B3

If you need more information, contact us. Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 6 PM. You can also reach us by phone using this number (450) 443-5575. We will be happy to take your call.

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