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6 Incredible Ideas for Your Wireless Home Theatre

With the arrival of the cold weather, it’s not uncommon to want to stay in the comfort of our homes more often—not to mention the fact that the current context is forcing us to do so a bit more than usual. Fortunately, these days, technology allows wireless home theatre systems to offer an increasingly entertaining audiovisual experience. Here are a few ideas to improve your home theatre experience.

1. D-Box seats

D-Box technology aims to improve the motion experience of wireless home theatre systems. It works using electromechanics. The Blu-Ray player sends signals to the motion controller, which then activates the chair. This lets you feel vibrations and movements in your seat while you watch a movie.

2. A big screen

The size of the screen is definitely one of the most important features when it comes to improving your wireless home theatre experience. A 65” or 70” screen will certainly give you more entertainment than a 40” or 50” screen. If your budget is limited, seek out the best image quality first, then choose the largest screen.

3. A quality sound system

Another way to improve your wireless home theatre experience is to have a quality audio system, especially if you like to watch action movies. Surround systems are more expensive, but they provide the best effects. For example, they will give you the feeling that bullets are shooting across the room or raindrops are falling on your floor.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a surround sound system, you can still get a sound bar, which will have an additional impact.

4. TV mounts

Attaching your flat-screen TV to the wall improves your wireless home theatre experience while also being safer. Indeed, if you attach it to the wall, your flat screen will be less likely to tip over. In addition, if your screen is on the wall, you have the chance to have a larger screen for the size of your room. Wall-mounted TVs are also more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Image sharpness

For a few years now, several technologies have greatly improved image quality. For example, 4K technology gives you 4 times more pixels than a TV. With 8K technology, you can get 8 times higher resolution. OLED technology, for its part, offers you very clear images with bright, realistic colours.

6. Multiroom speakers

Using surround sound speakers for your home theatre gives you quality sound. However, they have cable-related constraints that can be aesthetically detrimental.

Multiroom speakers solve this problem. They are discreet speakers that can be used in different rooms. They are controlled by a smartphone or tablet via an application. They can also be used as surround sound speakers to improve the wireless home theatre experience.

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